Low Hanging Fruits

Low Hanging Fruits

Something central to Carlota Barrera is a study of masculinity and bodies. We want to start a dialogue about gender and rigid masculine codes being replaced by new masculinities: men are getting rid of the uptight stereotypes traditionally related to their gender, feeling freer to express themselves in a way that was previously reserved for women. There is now strength in vulnerability, power in emotion, respect for fluidity. Magnus and Max wear the now signature jumpsuits with cut outs from our Core Collection. We believe garments shouldn't be for just one season, and at a time when we are all being asked to consider what is really essential, our vision feels more relevant now than ever.

Client - Carlota Barrera
Cinematography and Editing - Carlos Torres
Models - Magnus Westwell & Max Cookward
AC - Greg Dowswell
Music - Malthus
Art Direction - ANCC Studio
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